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        1. #1 Most reliable Chinese manufacturer 
          C-Moto Noob
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          Mar 2020
          Ok so a little help please guys what/who is the most reliable Chinese bike producer Aaron the moment?

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          motor maniac ShuBen's Avatar
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          Jul 2010
          CFmoto and ZongShen I would say

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          SWM RS500R, R1200GS LC
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        3. #3 Re: Most reliable Chinese manufacturer 
          foreign China moto dude 山鸡原型
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          Oct 2009
          Zhejiang PRC, OZ, NZ
          As Shuben advises... Loncin which have/had the BMW engine (650 single pot) contract CFMoto which work in partnership with KTM; and, Zongshen
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        4. #4 Re: Most reliable Chinese manufacturer 
          C-Moto Senior
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          Nov 2015
          Wolverhampton, UK

          From experience, of the larger displacement bikes (Shineray), the 650 & 400 sold by Mash in their range, also Herald sell the 400 in their range also. Benelli, seem to be very good as well, ignore some of the woes from before chinese ownership, a good range of bikes from 125 to 750 cc. I have the Imperiale 400, as I just like the look of it, it rides well as well. Linked, to Benelli, the Keeway range of bikes/scooters seem to be benefiting from an uptick in quality and reliability. Having said the the nipper and her friend have superlights, and they are lovely little bikes.

          As for Zongshen in the UK, you're really looking at the Sinnis Terrain, FB Mondial bikes (quite expensive for chinese bikes), Rieju Century 125.

          Depending on what style you're looking for, the their are others to choose from sold by Lexmoto, AJS etc.

          To be fair, it's relatively rare these days for the chinese manufactured bikes to be particularly unreliable, and poor quality, they have improved considerably in general over the last few years.
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        5. #5 Re: Most reliable Chinese manufacturer 
          There is a rising abundance of Chinese made motorcycles and honestly, they are all pretty good.. The most important thing is parts and after sales service. What generally happens is when a manufacturer discontinues production of a model, the parts supply dries up. This is because in China you have to scrap your bike after 13 years and manufacturer is only legally responsible for supplying parts for 6 years.. Yeah.. a logic gap there. However, there are many Chinese websites which supply parts nowadays. Generally they are much cheaper than the manufacturers and from the same factory which supplies the manufacturers.
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